I’m totally blown away by the geometric + minimal (geominimal?) animation style featured in this Disney tribute by 2veinte. Without reading the notes from the creator below, can you name all 9 of the classic movies that are being portrayed?


Disney wanted to pay tribute to some of their most symbolic animation movies. For that, they selected a scene from each movie and asked us to recreate it in a minimalist and abstract way, using geometric and color shapes. The selected movies are from the last 75 years of Disney Animation. The first bunch includes: Toy Story, The Lion King, The Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo and Steamboat Willie. For each movie we created a single and separated animation. This reel combines all 9 of those animations altogether, as we added transitions between the movies for continuity and the build-up of one single story.

Done by 2veinte

Creative Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Executive Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Art direction: Pablo Gostanian, Alex Gostanian, Diego Diapolo Flores.
Lead Animation: Daniel Di Paola
First design approach: Alex Gostanian, Augusto Gabrys
Design: Diego Flores Diapolo, Alex Gostanian, Juan Coria
Animation: Daniel Di Paola, Juan Coria, Alex Gostanian
Lighting & Rendering: Diego Flores Diapolo
Producer: Angeles Blasco
Music and SFX: Hula Music (Hula-Music.com)

Disney Channels Multiplatform Content Development

Instragram: 2veintestudio
Twitter: @2veintestudio

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