7 Procreate Tips from Ian Barnard that will leave you SPEECHLESS!

From Ian Barnard, one of the most talented lettering artists in the world: “Whether you’ve been using Procreate on the iPad Pro for some time now or have just picked it up, these 7 tips I’m going to give you will take your skills to a whole nother level. If not that it will probably save you a bit of time. 1. Adjusting the threshold when filling an object 2….

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Disney Classics

I’m totally blown away by the geometric + minimal (geominimal?) animation style featured in this Disney tribute by 2veinte. Without reading the notes from the creator below, can you name all 9 of the classic movies that are being portrayed? – DONOMATIK FROM THE CREATOR: Disney wanted to pay tribute to some of their most symbolic animation movies. For that, they selected a scene from each movie and asked us…

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